Sole (Soul?) Proprietor

Just how small can a small business be? 
As small as mine, since it's only me? 
It sounds much better to say entrepreneur,
But in my case that seems like a pile of manure. 
I just make stuff in my basement that came from my head;
I'll probably be down there when they find me dead.
Creativity may be the motivating drive, 
But sometimes it seems just a way to survive
Until I find an old note from lovers of grammar, 
Strangers from Michigan, New York, Alabammer,
Who thank me for making it fun to be smarter
Than the rest of the world who needs to try harder
To know that it's "its" on the Arugula package
That Trader Joe's sells*, pretty uncharacteristic slackage. 
So despite that my payroll boils down to just one,
I'll carry on in the basement since it's still pretty fun.

IMG_3087 (1).jpg

* I did not see the offending grammar on my recent bag of TJ arugula; although it is organic arugula, so it may know better.