grammarRULES! is the brain child of Virginia artist, writer, and high school history teacher Lee Knapp. After hearing "just between you and I" one too many times, Lee decided to put her ceramics background to work to correct America's grammar. It's clear just how democratic bad usage has become: from politicians ("we need more makers, less takers"); to TV characters (English teacher on Parenthood to former love: "I came to talk about you and I"); to, yes, even NPR (reporter on Eliot Spitzer's demise: "If anyone should have known about the law, it was him"). Is there no end?

Lee is by no means alone. Hundreds of passionate language lovers have bought in and bought up mugs, plates, and cards for themselves or a grammar offender. This way, no condescending corrections have to be made face to face. No feelings are hurt. You achieve your objective, or subjective, depending on the case. That's a grammar joke.

Lee has put a few nouns and verbs together on more than just dishware. Her book of essays entitled Grace in the First Person was published in 2003, and she is currently writing a memoir about the personal and cultural changes she has witnessed by teaching at her former high school. In it, unlike in this blurb, which she wants you to think was written by an adoring, nonexistent marketing department, she doesn't refer to herself in the third person. And, Lee is trying to sell a couple of screenplays, just in case there are grammatically aware motion picture literary agents or producers reading this. Or Tom Hanks.